Bass Guitar Lessons


I teach  Bass guitar to all ages, at all levels of proficiency, in all musical genres. Whilst I do follow a syllabus, my students' passion for what they are playing is of ultimate importance to me. Lessons are structured around songs and techniques my students wants to learn.

Individual Lessons are a half hour weekly at  R120 each, or R400 a month or R1050 a term (or quarter). I am available by appointment from 1pm - 8pm Mondays to Fridays.



  • Naming things, parts of the Bass Guitar 
  • The string names and notes on fretboard
  • Tuning the Bass Guitar
  • Picking the Bass - Two Finger Walk, Rake, Slap, Pop, Mute, Harmonics
  • Fretting technique and reducing unwanted noise
  • Beats in the Bar and keeping a steady time
  • How to practice Bass
  • Reading a song sheet with chord symbols
  • Simple and fool proof bass - Root 5 Octave
  • Reading Bass Guitar Tablature
  • Scales - Pentatonic and Major Scales
  • Colour Notes, - Major, Minor, Dominant
  • Approach Notes and Walking Bass