Bass Guitar Lessons


I teach  Bass guitar to all ages, at all levels of proficiency, in all musical genres. Whilst I do follow a syllabus, my students' passion for what they are playing is of ultimate importance to me. Lessons are structured around songs and techniques my students wants to learn.

Lessons at my studio in Plumstead are 30minutes long. Lessons via WhatsApp or Skype are 45minutes long

Individual Lessons are R130 each, or R420 a month or R1100 a term (quarter). I am available by appointment from 1pm - 8pm Mondays to Fridays. 



  • Naming things, parts of the Bass Guitar 
  • The string names and notes on fretboard
  • Tuning the Bass Guitar
  • Picking the Bass - Two Finger Walk, Rake, Slap, Pop, Mute, Harmonics
  • Fretting technique and reducing unwanted noise
  • Beats in the Bar and keeping a steady time
  • How to practice Bass
  • Reading a song sheet with chord symbols
  • Simple and fool proof bass - Root 5 Octave
  • Reading Bass Guitar Tablature
  • Scales - Pentatonic and Major Scales
  • Colour Notes, - Major, Minor, Dominant
  • Approach Notes and Walking Bass