Welcome to Renesongs

Hi I'm René Avenant, a Cape Town born Musician, Composer, Sound Producer and Teacher.  Welcome to my web experience.  This site is under constant development so check back here often or simply subscribe to get a heads up on what's new 


I was born in the southern suburbs of Cape Town in 1959. I got my first six string in the summer of 69. After 2 years, I was teaching my cousin John Mair to accompany me on guitar, and within two years we had become 16 year old guitar legends in the Southern Suburbs, playing in makeshift rock bands at school dances and community festivals. 


I have been a self confessed troubadour for near on 4 decades. In this this time I have managed to gain some notoriety amongst various diverse of people around Cape Town and beyond. You can read hear and see more about what I've been up to here


Here is where you can experience the music  and video clips I have published across the interwebs so far


I teach Guitar, Bass, Songwriting, Music Composition, Music theory, Sound Production, Arranging and Composition. I offer some useful notes and diagrams on my lessons.



I like to discuss and give my take everything in world of music which included music theory, guitar and bass techniques, my favorite musicians, growing your nails, and other bits of esoterica. If you would like share your thoughts and opinions please feel free to sign in and interact.


My Contact details are here. Please subscribe if you want to be in the loop and receive regular news and updates. Message me and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.